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Prof. Aloke Dutta   Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Wayne State University Room   number:         3128 259    Mack     Avenue Detroit,       MI  -  48202      Email: Phone: 313-577-1064          Fax: 313-577-2033


             Past Post-doctoral Fellows

                Dr. Seenuvasan Vedachalam (2012-2015)
                Current Position: Email:




                Dr. Chandrashekhar Voshavar (2012-2015)
                Current Position: Email:




            Dr. Horrick Sharma                                             

           Dr. Horrick Sharma (2012-2014)
               Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA, Email:




                  Dr. Soumava Santra (2009-2013)
                  Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Email:






                  Dr. Shahid Islam (2011-2012)
                  Current Position: Senior Scientist, Symmetry Biosciences, North Carolina, USA, Email:






             Dr. Sanjib Gogoi (2009-2011)
                 Current Position: Scientist C, Medicinal Chem. Div., NEIST, Jorhat, Assam, India Email:







                  Dr. Joy Debnath (2009-2010)
                 Current Position:  Senior Assistant Professor @ SASTRA Univ, TN, India, Email:






             Dr. Lois-May Bezuidenhout (2009-2010)
                 Current Position: PAX, Viljoenskroon, South Africa  Email:







                Dr. Prashant Kharkar (2006-2009)
                Current Position: Associate Prof. @ NMIMS SPP School of Pharm., Mumbai, India. Email:








            Dr. Suhong Zhang (2006-2008)
                Current Position:      , E-mail:






                Dr. Sreeman Mamidyala (2007-2008)
                 Current Position: Post-doc @ Institute of Mol. Biosci., Univ. of Queensland. Email:





             Dr. Manoj Mishra (2005-2007)
                  Current Position: Research Fellow, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University.  E-mail:





             Dr. Stuart Hazeldine (2005-2007)
                  Current Position:  Post-doc @ Dept of Pharm. Sci. WSU    , E-mail:





             Dr. Xiag Sheng (2005-2006)
                  Current Position:    , Email:





             Dr. Fernandez Fernando (2004-2006)
                  Current Position:    , Email:





             Dr. Soumen Maiti (2003-2004)
                  Current Position:   Chembiotek, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Email:





            Dr. Sujit Ghorai (2001-2003)
                 Current Position:  Sai Advantium Pharma, Pune, India. Email:





            Dr. Sylesh Venkataraman (2001-2003)
                Current Position:  Senior Director, ChromaDex Email:






            Dr. Xiang-Shu Fei (1999-2001)
                Current Position:    , Email:






            Dr. Ming-Ming Han (2000-)
                Current Position:    , Email:






            Dr. Matthew Davis (2000-)
                Current Position:  Physical Scientist, Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake, CA, USA. Email:



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