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Prof. Aloke Dutta   Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Wayne State University Room   number:         3128 259    Mack     Avenue Detroit,       MI  -  48202      Email: Phone: 313-577-1064          Fax: 313-577-2033



Past Undergraduate Students

             Pam Dhillon (Summer 2013)
                 Current Position:   PharmD., WSU, MIEmail:






             Parminder Benipal (Winter 2013)
                 Current Position:   PharmD, WSUEmail:






             Stephen Dzul (Summer 2012)
                 Current Position:   Graduate Student @ MD/PhD, WSUEmail:






               Kevin Costa (Fall 2011)
                Current Position:   Pharm. D., Wayne State University, MIEmail:






               Michael Murray (Summer 2011)
               Current Position:   B.S. (Chem), Kalamazoo College, MIEmail:






             Zachary White (Summer 2008, 2010)
                 Current Position:   Studying Patent Law, University of Texas,  Austin, Texas. , Email:





                 Michael Levine (Fall 2006)
                 Current Position:    , Email:





            Jessica Jin Yoo (Spring 2006)
                Current Position:    , Email:





            Shrotriyee Mukhopadhyay (Summer 2005)
                Current Position:    , Email:





              Nicholas Valley (Spring 2005)
                   Current Position:    , Email:





              Cathy Parang (Summer 2004)
                   Current Position:    , Email:





           Sam Alawieh (Summer 2003)
               Current Position:    , Email:





           Shannon Tetreault (Summer 2003)
               Current Position:    , Email





            Gupreet Sandhu (Summer 2002)
                Current Position:    , Email:





             Mary Moscicki (Summer 2002)
                 Current Position:    , Email:





            Amar Basher (Summer 2002)
                Current Position:    , Email:





            Layth Eskander (Summer 2002)
                Current Position:    , Email:







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